Jord Althuizen Holding A Large Piece Of Meat

Opus Bar & Grill x Chef Jord Althuizen

Grills gone wild!

Opus Bar & Grill, known for its delectable dishes, is taking its culinary game to the next level with the collaboration of renowned Chef Jord Althuizen. As a World BBQ Champion and best selling author, Chef Jord brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table that is sure to delight any food enthusiast.

Featuring Chef Jord's award-winning signature dishes alongside their own specialties, we ensure that every dish is cooked to perfection and bursting with flavor. From succulent meats to mouth-watering sides, Chef Jord's creations are sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

This collaboration is a rare opportunity to experience the creations of one of the world's most acclaimed chefs. Chef Jord has extensive experience in the culinary world, having won multiple awards and authored several best-selling cookbooks. He is known for his expertise in BBQ and grilling, and his dishes are often described as innovative and flavorful. Opus Bar & Grill is the perfect setting for this collaboration, with its elegant and sophisticated ambiance, its use of the finest ingredients and its commitment to delivering an exceptional dining experience.

With collaboration between Opus Bar & Grill and Chef Jord Althuizen that is a match made in culinary heaven, guests can look forward to indulging in an unforgettable dining experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to savor the creations of one of the world's most acclaimed chefs at Opus Bar & Grill.

Stay tuned for our indulgent dinner menu and mark your calendars!

  • Dinner menu: 12 to 16 July 2023
  • Sunday Champagne Brunch: 16 July 2023

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